Inspired by who?

Everybody who has read my books tells me that I have a distinct style of writing.  Whether it be my children’s books, my autobiographies or my YA Paranormal Fiction, readers tell me that when they read, they always know it was written by me.  Although I am never sure whether to take it as a compliment or not – my English Master at school was very strict and mean – I always keep plodding away, writing more and more each day.

My modern day favourite authors include the likes of Christie Craig (C.C. Hunter), Amy Plum, Alyson Nöel, Lauren Kate, Cate Tiernan and more.  But it was my childhood influences who shaped my writing skills of today.  Of the many writers out there, only two authors from my youth remain in my permanent book collection:


Every single Australian knows about May Gibbs.  Until today, I thought she was a worldwide name, but as soon as my friend and illustrator (a British Finn) advised that he had never heard of her or of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, I almost fell off my chair in shock.  Even now, 50 years after her death, May Gibbs’ books are in every single bookshelf in Australian homes.  Her stories bring nature to life and teach children how precious the smallest thing can truly be in this world.  Read one single page and you will be hooked.


The other author who has influenced me is John O’Grady, who also writes under the pseudonym of Nino Culotta.  I have all of his books in my collection and they have all been read so many times that some have had to be replaced after falling apart.  My favourite of his books is, of course, written about a cat called Smoky Joe – or rather – is written BY a cat called Smoky Joe 😉


I read this book as a child and the copy became so worn out that I ended up having to replace it three times in my lifetime (so far). Written by John O’Grady’s cat, Smoky Joe is a stray feral kitten which was discovered by an old man and treated like a king. It was quickly discovered that fish was Smoky Joe’s favourite food – thus the book title – and it talks about a wild kitten which fast learns how to live in a human world. This is by far John O’Grady’s finest work and it inspired me to write the CATHOOD series (featuring Muffin & Milly). Although deceased, John O’Grady will forever be my favourite author and I thank him for passing on the writing bug. xx


Although my book count is small in comparison to those who inspired me, I will continue writing and continue loving what I do.  I hope that some day people gain the same inspiration from my writings that May Gibbs and John O’Grady have given me.

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– Rosie xx


2 thoughts on “Inspired by who?

    • It shocks me that people outside of Australia have not heard of these two incredible authors. I am an Australian author who permanently lives in Finland and is represented by a Publisher in London. I am just utterly gobsmacked here! LOL

      And it is also great to meet you, Tom 🙂

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