Just 24 hours left – FREE with Kindle Unlimited !!

A few months back, I wrote my first autobiography which dealt with the six years of hell that I lived in a relationship of domestic violence.  Nine years after I left, he attacked once more and I left the country I lived in to pursue a safer life and a future with my new husband.


My book was quickly picked up by a publisher who signed me, less than two months after I released the book on Amazon Kindle.  For just 24 hours more, you can download the original first edition of what happened to me in that time, exposing the laws of Australia which allow for Aboriginal women to not be protected by the police.


This is your very last chance to get a copy, as I need to remove it so that my Publisher can get the second edition up on Amazon Kindle.

Thank you to everybody who has purchased this edition so far.  The money goes towards many ongoing medical bills which the injuries brought about.  With a miracle, the medical problems and injuries will some day subside.  Until then, I persevere so that others do not find themselves in the same situation that I found myself in until it was too late.

– Rosie xx


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