ONE DAY LEFT! Get your copy of CATHOOD for free NOW!

Only one day left until the giveaway of the first edition of CATHOOD comes to a close.  Available only on Amazon Kindle, this is the book that started it all.  Designed for animal lovers of all ages, the book is written by a former Veterinary Nurse who has been owned by many cats.

cat cover final

Whether you are 2 or 200 years of age, if you are an animal lover, you will kick yourself for missing out on this one.  See the world through the eyes of Muffin – a cat who adopted his human when he was a baby.  Learn many valuable lessons with Muffin and his Deaf human as they learn to live in each other’s worlds.

cat back cover final

The CATHOOD giveaway ends tomorrow, after which, the book will be discontinued on 9th September to make way for my publisher’s copy, which will hopefully hit stores worldwide in 2017.  So far, there are five books in the CATHOOD series.  Don’t miss out on the book that started it all !!

– Rosie xx


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