The End… Once Upon A Karma. An Extract.

With its release only weeks away, please enjoy an extract from my new book “ONCE UPON A KARMA” – the first book in the Karmic Krystal series.


After 48 years of a life filled with horrors and tragedy, one small step forward, followed by ten steps backwards, then another step forward, the stress was overwhelming. Try as she might, all the good she was putting out into the world seemed to be returning to her in punishment.  Her soul took more and more of a beating.  It was crushing her from the inside out.  The constant stress and torment resulted in a stomach ulcer and Krystal could barely keep food down without vomiting it back up with a whole lot of blood.

Mick eventually decided to take Krystal out to a nice restaurant by the lake.  The sun was shining outside and squirrels were running around madly, gathering a stash of food for their nests.  Sunshine was a rarity in their town during summer, and Mick wanted so badly to see his wife smile.  With no car parks available nearby, Mick had to park a few blocks away from the restaurant.  It was not very far to walk – just three of four roads to cross.

Krystal crossed each road a few steps behind Mick.  When the walking stick in her left hand became stuck between two of the cobbles on the road, Krystal became briefly distracted and tried to manoeuvre the walking stick free.  She did not see the bus drive through the red lights.  The last thing she saw as she screamed out to Mick was a close-up view of the bus’s front grill as it hit her at full speed.

All of the traffic came to a screeching halt.  Mick watched in horror as his wife was catapulted several feet into the air.  He ran to his wife’s broken body and fell to his knees, weeping mournful tears of sorrow.  Police and ambulances arrived, witness statements were taken, and one ambulance took Mick to the hospital after he collapsed in shock.  A secondary transportation vehicle loaded Krystal’s body on to a gurney, transporting it to the morgue after she was pronounced dead at the scene.


Is this the end or the beginning?  It’s all up to Krystal.


Only time will tell if Krystal chooses to bring new life to a dying world or end it all, allowing the universe to start again.  Will she know the difference between Karma and revenge?

Watch this space!

– Rosie xx


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