Petition to the Finnish government – because Deaf lives matter !!

I am petitioning the Finnish government to not pick and choose who they give medical access to.  As a citizen of Finland, I pay taxes.  I should not be excluded from receiving proper medical care on the basis that I am Deaf.


This is my final attempt to make the government see sense.  My husband and I have decided that if our petition for human rights fails, we will put it down to fate. I will use my books to tell my story to the world. Since Deaf are not entitled to medical treatment as a human right in Finland, either my stomach ulcer, diabetes or asthma will kill me.  When such a time comes, my husband will be very publicly suing Finland for wrongful death of his wife, as those who refused to act will be directly responsible. I have run out of fight.


Each time my rights are violated by TAYS Hospital in Tampere, by KELA (Finland’s social insurance institution) and the Finnish government, my stomach burns and I wind up vomiting blood violently into the toilet bowl.  I am unable to continue the fight, and I hope that my last effort (this petition) will somehow make a difference.

When one is faced with death at the hands of an ex-spouse in one country due to Aboriginality or not having the right to medical attention due to Deafness in another, it is hard to decide which fate is worse.  I right now am trying to push myself into a state of indifference with both Australia and Finland, which is simply reciprocating their indifference towards Aboriginal and/or Deaf citizens.

See you all next time within the covers of my books.  My writing and my learning to communicate with my husband as Deaf/blind from Dr Bill Vicars of ASL University will be my priority from this moment forward.

– Rosie xx


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