Hospital hearing centre refuses Deaf patient medical care

Enough is enough.  I am a Deaf person who, at first, was humiliated and horrified by Kuulokeskus (Hearing Centre) at TAYS Hospital in Tampere when the Audiologist insulted me and degraded me.  At first, Audiologist Sari acted like an angry two year old when she DEMANDED that I can hear perfectly because four electrodes told her so.  The test she gave me that day was under extreme duress to a woman who cannot hear, suffers from Claustrophobia and Agoraphobia with Panic Disorder after being in an elevator in 1996 which fell 10 floors.  I was provided with no interpreter that day, was not permitted to talk with my husband or even look at him, was locked in a tiny dark room and told to not move for almost an hour.  I was literally terrified.

After a year of fighting tooth and nail to have the right of an interpreter granted to me – a right which is written into the laws and constitution of this country – I am now denied medical access completely.

My complaint to the Prime Minister of Finland, the President of Finland and to the Minister for Social Affairs in Finland all shrugged their shoulders because it was not happening to them.

DEAF does not mean BROKEN, STUPID, DUMB, CONTAGIOUS, INSANE or any of the other labels that SURDOPHOBIC, AUDISTIC uppities like to use when referring to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  Denying a Deaf person medical assistance, even after a doctor has referred that person to them, is a reprehensible act that cannot be ignored.

Right now my heart breaks for every Deaf person in Finland – a country I once loved.

– Rosie


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