Just two weeks left! Don’t miss out!

There are only two weeks left before my first autobiography (1st edition) Change Your Name and Disappear: A terrifying true tale of survival is removed from Amazon Kindle forever.  The 2nd edition will be released in early 2016 by my publisher, Austin Macauley Publishers in London.


To ensure that you do not miss out on your 1st edition copy on Amazon Kindle (sorry, all hard copies are now sold out), make sure you grab one before 3rd September, 2015 and download it to your device(s).


Most likely, the cover of the 2nd edition will be unlike the one I designed myself (pictured in this blog).  The story deals with the Domestic Violence horrors that I endured which led to the death of my son, my Deafness and severely diminished eyesight.


The laws of Australia protect non-Aboriginal women against violent spouses, but nothing stops Aboriginal women from being beaten and raped by their non-Aboriginal spouse.  Australia’s laws are fractured and broken in too many places.  The government has a media blanket in place which shields its horrors from the rest of the world.  I, however, am not the media and my pen is my voice.

– Rosie xx

One thought on “Just two weeks left! Don’t miss out!

  1. I won’t be putting out the fifth Cathood book until I have finished A JOURNEY TO SILENCE – a book which will be on Kindle before any other books. The world needs to know what is going on in Finland regarding the Deaf community and our inability to seek medical help because of doctors and government ignoring the laws and constitution of Finland.

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