Should I die in Finland or Australia? A Deaf woman’s two choices.

Today I emailed the city, as I find myself in a situation that will not end well, regardless of my choices.  After another morning of vomiting up blood, it was an email that I felt needed to be sent.  I am tired of all the excuses that come from everybody I turn to for help, regardless that it is their job to help.  Here are my words, and I have opted for the world to also read what I have to say.

My husband and I attended the doctor last week to request a new Form B.  Instead, he wanted us to start our journey back at the beginning with an ENT.  I stand by my previous comments, that the humiliation, discrimination and degradation brought about by the Audiologist at TAYS will result in either her or me requiring medical treatment should we ever meet again.  My anger has not diminished at all and I am currently writing a book about what has happened to me since I lost my hearing almost one year ago.

As a result (and also not having a registered interpreter present), the doctor sent me for blood tests for bruises that now appear unexplained on my skin.  I vomit blood so violently that I cannot keep any food down any more.  Yet I still suffer the discrimination of not being able to see a doctor as they demand that a registered interpreter be present.  My husband is not, nor has he ever been, a registered interpreter.  I cannot afford a registered interpreter. But I persevere each day, trying to get through my daily tasks as I am unable to have medical assistance without the interpreter.  Blood tests show that I am fighting one hell of an infection inside me. But as we cannot return to the doctor without a registered interpreter, we will never know what that infection is.

Without being able to renew the Form B, I will be instead applying for Disability Pension.  This, again, brings with it the same problem.  No interpreter, no doctor.  As a Deaf woman, I am unable to receive proper medical care in Finland, regardless that I am a citizen.  The discrimination circle is endless.

I have stated to my Finnish family that I would rather be smashed in the brain again over and over in Australia by my abusive psychopathic ex-spouse than have to endure the degradation that puts one’s life in danger in Finland once a person becomes Deaf.  In two weeks, I will have zero income because doctors no longer see me without registered interpreters – something I am unable to afford.

Soon, this country has killed one of its Deaf citizens, and I will be making sure my book is published before my dying breath.

I hope I am alive to receive a response from the city.  If not, please ensure that these words be known worldwide – the words of a Deaf woman who is ineligible to receive medical treatment because the city of Tampere in Finland deems her ineligible to receive a Speech-to-Text interpreter in English.

– Rosie


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