A Journey to Silence: COVER REVEAL !!

I will be taking a small break from children’s books and my YA Paranormal series while I work on helping some friends to get a new online sign language program up and running.  Shortly, I will be publishing my next book, outlining the ups and downs and all-arounds of waking up in a Deaf world.  The journey has been tough, but I choose to believe in a better tomorrow.  Here is my latest project’s cover reveal 🙂

Once hearing but now profoundly Deaf – this book takes you through my journey and shows the harsh realities of discrimination towards the Deaf community.


There are so many things that can result in hearing loss and Deafness. Medicinal reasons, head trauma, illness. When you grow up in a hearing world, you are treated like most other people are treated.

But when you wake up and your hearing is gone completely, all of your years of language studies and your university degrees amount to one thing. You are Deaf. You now have two choices in life. You can either merely exist, knowing that employment will be near impossible, or you can find a way to make it through life, no matter how many obstacles the government and the system put in your way.

After spending five years learning the culture and the language of a country which I call home, my future was ripped away with just two words from the Audiologist from hell: “You’re Deaf.”


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