Adam Goodes and Australia’s Racism

Adam Goodes is an Australian Aboriginal AFL (Australian Football League) player who plays for the Sydney Swans.  Adam brought to light the racism that is rampant in Australia.  Not all Australians are racist.  But the ones who are like to let the world know exactly how racist they are with their booing, taunting, bullying and more.

I grew up in Australia and know first hand about the racism in my native land.  Australia is the collective term given to all of the Australian Aboriginal nations and countries within one boundary.  It is the name given to a land which was taken over by Britain when they ran out of room to store their prisoners.  When they found our island, they slaughtered, raped, burned, destroyed and enslaved every single one of the original inhabitants of the land.

I yesterday posted my support for Adam Goodes, who is now booed throughout each game in its entirety when he is on the field.  Adam does not tolerate racism and neither do I.


I am a proud Australian Aboriginal.  I stand with and support Adam Goodes.  I call out all of the people who have been booing a man who is also proud of his heritage.  The Australian government made him “Australian of the Year” in the hopes that they would pocket another Blackfella to use as a tool.  Instead, Adam Goodes continued to fight against racism.  One footballer demanded Adam be deported from Australia for telling the real truth of Australia’s black history.  I think this also speaks a sad reality of Australia’s educational system when they teach history.

When I fled Australia (after being hunted by my ex-spouse), I felt relief.  After being told by Australian police that it was perfectly legal that my white ex-spouse was bashing me, raping me, breaking my bones, causing miscarriages because of my Aboriginality, I had no choice but to flee.  I am now profoundly Deaf and legally blind.  My son is dead.  Yes, I know first hand what it is like to endure the blatant racism of Australia, even from the people who are supposed to keep us safe.

Since posting my support for Adam Goodes, I have been abused in private, called a racist, a reverse racist, trash… I am none of those things.  I am a proud Australian Aboriginal who will not back down from my words.  Australia is a racist country.  And I repeat, not all Australians are racist, but the ones who make all the noise about how disgusting we Blackfellas are – including the Australian government – are much louder than the ones who are standing up for the ones being attacked, victimised, bullied and targetted for the colour of our skin.

Adam Goodes, I know you are taking a time-out from what you love to do and you are considering retiring because of all of the morons who boo you.  Please do not let them win.  You (as one) are worth a thousand of each of them.  You have so many people in Australia and around the world – both black and white – who adore you just for being you.  Never let the haters change that.  I support you until my dying breath and beyond.

– Rosie xx


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