My fur children – Sini and Nappi

Most of my blogs to date have been about my books (which focus around animals and a Deaf human).  Many people know of my love of animals, especially cats.

In my lifetime, I have been owned by eight cats.  The first six have crossed over Rainbow Bridge and live on forever in my heart.  Please meet the two cats that currently own me and my awesome husband.

Living in a highrise apartment, we have a forest directly outside of one of the bedroom windows.  That bedroom was immediately nonimated as the cats’ bedroom.  It is also my designated computer room because I love to look at the squirrels even more than the cats do!

Looking out the window at some of the birds which are basking in the sun is Sini.  She is a Mummy’s Girl.  When we went to adopt a cat from one of the KKY foster homes, Sini (meaning “blue” in Finnish) came right over to me, sat on my lap and put her head against my chest.  She is one of the most affectionate and loving cats I have ever been owned by and I love her to bits.

To the right, the tuxedo kitten who is singing Madonna’s “Vogue” in her head while striking a pose is Nappi.  She is a Daddy’s Girl.  When we went (one year later) to another KKY foster home, Nappi (meaning “button” in Finnish because she really is as cute as a button) walked right over to my husband as soon as he sat on the couch, waiting for me to choose a kitten.  We were aiming for a boy kitten, but when Nappi sat on Marko’s shoes, walked up his leg, sat on his lap and looked him in the eye while her brothers were wrestling with each other, she stole our hearts.


Nappi tries hard to have a big lioness sound when she wants to be noticed.  Unfortunately for her, I am Deaf and cannot hear the huge roar that comes from those jowls.  From the look on her face here, however, I am interpreting for the humans out there:  “WHERE IS MY PILLOW ?!”  Yes, she keeps us on our toes.  We have been her human servants for two years now and have loved every second of it.  I have the scars to prove it 😉


For the longest time, this would be their sleeping position during the day.  Nappi either loved the warmth of Sini’s butt on her belly as she slept, or Sini missed the memo when Nappi asked her to “rub my belly.”  Either way, the cats loved each other from day one.  And with Nappi being so tiny (and losing her mama so early), she had no idea how to be a cat.  Sini had to teach her all of these things and now they have exactly the same mannerisms (bath time, snuggling, etc) but still retain completely different personalities.


Eventually their sleeping positions changed.  Nappi got bigger and no more had to endure having Sini’s butt in her belly.  Now when it is sleep time, they fall asleep in this position every night (after their mad “run around the house for no reason as fast as I can” episodes).


They recently ordered from the internet (when we were not home) a new kitty tower for the kitchen.  I will not describe the shock on Marko’s or my face when it was delivered.  But they asked us to assemble it for them.  Once we did as they asked, both Sini and Nappi made sure to inspect every area of it to make sure we did a good job.

We now have a password on the computer, but they have managed to bypass that and are constantly accessing Muffin’s CATHOOD blog.


Nappi now spends her days working full time as a mattress tester while Sini found her vocation as a Yoga instructor.

Their human daddy (Marko) is a builder and security guard, while their human mummy (Rosie) is an author and a Deaf rights advocate.


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