The ever-ponderous “Why do I write?”

I just left a comment on a friend of mine’s blog after he wrote a blog – an essay – having to explain why he writes.  To read his blog and see his reasons, you can read here:

WHY I WRITE – Article 94

After I left my response, it got me thinking that I should also perhaps blog my reasons.  Here is the comment that I left for Article94 – also known as Mark Gardner – one of my favourite authors.

Personally, I love your writing style, but that is not exactly news.

For me, I write for two reasons:

1. Therapy. My first book did for me what many therapists couldn’t. It brought out all of my inner demons of the domestic violence situation that cost me my hearing, my eyesight and the life of my baby son.

2. My son. Although he died 18 years ago, writing children’s books brings me a joy because as I write, I am “reading” it to him and I am watching his face light up as I read.

The fact that I am unable to leave the house gives me the chance to let it all out, whether the reason be 1 or 2.

People may find it weird or even morbid. But what they think is not what motivates me. Their feedback after they have read a full book – that is what matters. If I have made their day better as well as my own, then the writing was worth it at the end of the day 🙂

And when I take a break from writing, I read – mostly your work. You have a unique writing style which seems to break the laws of physics. It impacts and it penetrates (not in a sexual way). For example, I am Deaf. But when I read your words, I can “hear” the sounds in the story. I am almost blind, but I can “see” everything around me so clearly because I become fully engulfed in the story.

Weird? Oh well – shit happens 😉

Keep writing xx

My son lived and died under a name his father gave him.  After we left, I called my son A.J. (Alfred Junior).  I always promised my father that my first born son would bear his name.  I kept my promise.  I think of them both always.

I am who I am and I never apologise for it.

– Rosie xx


One thought on “The ever-ponderous “Why do I write?”

  1. Continue being you because your strength gives hope to others. I just finished my first short story about a woman in an abusive relationship. She lost her unborn daughter because of it, but she keeps hope for a better day. Keep writing!

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