Fourth CATHOOD book has finally been released!

After a few edits, I am very happy to announce that Muffin & Milly’s Big Fat Tales: Volume 3 has now been released on Amazon Kindle!  The direct link to the latest in the Cathood series is here:

Muffin and Milly dream-link their way into the big outdoors to visit their friends, only to find that many of their homes are being destroyed. What can they do to help?


During one of Muffin and Milly’s adventures, several of their friends – both previous and new – wonder why all of the trees in the forest are being pushed down. Many of their bird, koala and squirrel friends now find themselves without homes.

When Muffin discovers the reason for the trees being removed, he quickly tries to find a way to help his friends and educate them on something none of them know about… road safety.

As soon as Tarja learns of the devastation of the forests on the news, she contacts her Deaf Club and the RSPCA to help rescue the animals that are left without homes!

Muffin posts to his CATHOOD blog in the hopes that somebody can help stop the humans from destroying their homes. Papa Alf then tries to decipher a code which is left in response to Muffin’s posting.

Sad, exciting, educational, fun and inspirational… this book will surprise you right to the very end!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it 🙂

– Rosie xx


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