Heaven’s Sight

Please meet Mark Gardner – an incredible author. His writing is so descriptive, I can feel, see, smell and HEAR as I become at one with the story. Very few writers can reach that level.

Step aside, Christie Craig – you have a challenger for the seat of my favourite all time author!

Article 94

[990 words – #3WW]An enormous moon shone over an undisturbed field of sand, known to the locals as Heaven’s Sight. Flatter than the anvil of the greatest blacksmith, the sand provided no features to cast shadows – it formed a single polished surface. All who traveled during the night or gazed at the sky were awash in the celestial glow. One could walk with impunity during these nights, as there were no shadows for evil to hide in. Breezes from the ocean carried the smell of water, fish, and shipboard life. These smells were welcome, but the wind also carried the smell of sweat, fish, and the cooling odors of the day sacrificing itself to the night. Heaven’s Sight was known the world over for its beauty when the moon shone bright, but when the hand of God gripped the orb tightly within it’s fist, the bandits held Heaven’s…

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