TransferWise update…. and I am mind-blown! :)

I am not sure how I rate TransferWise, but I want to give it five stars. After a major fallout with PayPal and after major dodgy dealings with Skrill (Moneybookers), I tried TransferWise at Richard Branson’s recommendation. I was fully sceptical…. but not any more.

I transferred 180€ from my Finnish bank account to my Australian bank account via TransferWise. I received an email with each step that was taken – the deposit to the Estonian bank, the currency conversion, the transfer from Estonia to my account – and was given an estimate of this coming Friday (7 days from when I transferred the funds).

Yesterday, I received an email saying the final transfer is in progress, that some money had been refunded to me because of the market working in my favour, and today when I looked in my Australian bank account, there was the money. Every single cent. No crazy international banking fees and a lot less fees than I had to pay via PayPal.


In total, it took two whole working days for the money to be in Australia, and finally my monthly credit card bill is paid.

Five stars all the way – thank you xx


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