SKRILL (Moneybookers) – Identity Theft Professionals

To Deafies and Hearies alike, here is an urgent message for you.

Just days ago, in between my bust-up with PayPal for discrimination against Deaf people and my signing with TransferWise at Richard Branson’s recommendation, I had the misfortune to deal with a company called SKRILL.

SKRILL (Moneybookers) claim to work like PayPal and ask you to give them a chance.  So I quickly signed up with my email address, password, name, address and date of birth.  Ever since that day, I have been receiving around 12 emails PER DAY from them in French.  I thought it rather interesting that their sign-up was in English yet all of their emails to me are in French.  I live in Finland, after all.  I could understand them sending me emails in Finnish or English… but French?

Today I logged in to try and close the account.  Thanks to Chrome’s automatic translation, I was able to convert the French page that came up into English.  Not only was I unable to change my name, date of birth, address or close the account, but I found that my account is now owned by somebody else.

My account is now owned by a FULBERT CADIGNAN in France.


Trying to change any of these details to my address, or anything else was met with an error.  I have sent a few requests now to SKRILL, advising that they have stolen my identity and that I will be referring the matter to the Finnish police, who will more than likely be contacting this person in France with the help of Interpol.

Some helpful other links with stories about SKRILL:

Beware, and do not get taken by these identity theft professionals!

After being totally screwed over by PayPal, who not only froze my funds but then demanded the only way to unfreeze them was via a telephone call to Australia (even after constantly advising them that I am Deaf and cannot use a telephone), I reported them on Twitter for their doings.  I then had PayPal begging me to come back to them, and had to go through about 100 pages just to close their account, the last page asking how they can win back my trust.  The answer is easy:  You screw with my money and/or you ignore and bully me as a Deaf person, you will NEVER win back my trust.

Thanks to Richard Branson, I now have a much better alternative to PayPal and the fees are next to nothing.  To send $150 AUD from my Finnish bank account to my Australian bank account direct in order to pay my monthly credit card bill, it cost me a total of 1€ in fees.  To Richard Branson… I sincerely thank you.

I now use TransferWise at Richard Branson’s advice, and you can sign up with them HERE to check them out for yourselves.  The transaction, was quick, painless, and took a total of three days.

Check out TransferWise here !! 🙂

With all that being said, please be VERY careful with who you deal with online.  PayPal got big and fat from other people’s money and turned into arrogant ignorant fools.  Skrill are nothing more than Identity Theft Professionals.  I am now a TransferWise convert.

– Rosie xx


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