PAYPAL joins the discrimination game against Deafies

Six years ago, I moved to Finland.  People who have read my book are aware of the circumstances surrounding that move.  People who have not read it, I will give you a summed up version:

As a teenager, I became involved with a man who turned into my worst nightmare.  Domestic Violence was his game.  I suffered miscarriages, broken bones, rape and was told by Logan Police that because he was my “spouse” he was permitted to do those things to me.  I was unable to telephone my family as he locked the phone.  This went on for six years.  Then I had a son – a result of yet another rape.  But I loved my son with every part of my body and soul.  When he was two weeks old, he almost died at the hands of my ex.  I took my son and I left.  Eight weeks later, my son died of SIDS.  At the same time, my car was vandalised many times and I had to try and cope with my son’s death.  With my ex showing up at my door every day and every night, I moved.

My ex then hired a man to come to my home and attack me.  At knifepoint, I was raped again.  A kitten that had become part of my life was almost killed.  Logan Police said there was nothing they could do and since I had waited two weeks and had showered before I rang.  All of my focus was on my kitten which was healing at the vet and on the police who refused to help me once before.  I ended up getting all of the evidence on my own, thanks to an mIRC conversation in which my attacker unwittingly private messaged me when I entered the #Australia channel.  When he sent his picture to me, I froze, but then I decided to get every bit of information out of him, including his confession.  I did this by telling him I was a close friend of the girl he raped, and that she has full blown AIDS, so “I hope you wore a condom.”  Eventually, with all information gathered, the CIB took over and were able to arrest Andrew (the rapist) and Steve (my ex) for their crimes.  I was told to vanish and change my name, since my ex issued a death threat directly to the police that if he ever sees me again, he will kill me.

I moved to Canberra and lived there for 14 years, barely talking to anybody outside.  It was not until my Dad visited me that I realised I had some family there.  At the Burns Club, I met my family and made a hand full of friends.  Nine years after my ex was imprisoned, he found me in Canberra.  To this day, I do not know how.  I was attacked once in a public car park, he attempted to break into my home from removing screws from the windows, and eventually he waited in my back yard and he got me.  I am not dead, but all three of my cats died that day at his hands.  My head damage was such that I have a long time with no memory.  It took almost one year before I even remembered that day.  My hearing in my right ear was gone and the hearing in my left was at 10%.

My best friend Tommi (whom I met on the internet) lived in Finland and finally talked me into coming here (to Finland) to visit.  I came in 2008 and I fell in love with this country.  I returned in 2009 for another visit, and in 2010, I married my wonderful husband Marko.

With my credit card being in Australia, it was suggested firstly by my bank in Canberra to keep the account open so I can transfer funds to it if I needed to.  I could then continue to pay my credit card.  I then contacted PayPal and asked if I can add my Finnish bank account to my PayPal account.  They told me to open a second PayPal account for my Finnish bank and just transfer funds between the two each month as I need to pay my credit card.  I have done this easily for the past six years.

In November of 2014, I became profoundly Deaf.  No longer was I able to use a telephone.  I also quickly saw the difference in how Hearies and Deafies are treated.  Finland have showed their discriminatory true colours towards Deaf people and I now have lawyers trying to rectify many of the rights that they have eliminated from my life since I lost my hearing.

Yesterday, PayPal blocked my withdrawal of funds to my bank account in Australia.  They claim that I am not who I say I am and have told me that until I personally telephone them, my funds will stay blocked.  Yes folks, PayPal are holding my money hostage, regardless of the paperwork I have provided to them to prove who I am.  Emails have gone back and forwards, and they refuse to budge.

For six years, I have trusted PayPal.  They gained more and more power over people’s money.  They relied on the fact that they were trusted by the world.  And now that I cannot use a telephone, they take away their services that I have come to rely on to pay my credit card.  The error message I continue to receive is this:


These cretins are holding my money hostage.  It worries me, because I also rely on PayPal to receive money from and pay my Publisher in London.  PayPal have lost my trust and I am at a loss of what to do now, since it is the Australian PayPal office that needs to be contacted by me – an impossibility for Deaf people who live overseas.


2 thoughts on “PAYPAL joins the discrimination game against Deafies

  1. FINALLY A SOLUTION !!! Richard Branson recommended TransferWise – the fee is much lower than PayPal’s and the transfer is direct… your bank to theirs… anywhere in the world. It was so bloody easy I could cry for using PayPal for so long. Check it out for yourself! 🙂

    And yes folks…. DEAF-FRIENDLY too !! xx


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