Encryption of messages

When a government would rather ban signed communication rather than learn the language, that government needs to go -_-

The Tree House.

Whilst reading my Facebook feed today, I read a few people had postedWhatsapp
an aricle to save Whatsapp in the UK.  Curiosity got the better of me, and because I thought it was yet another load of rubbish I decided to take a further look – no, it was true, David Cameron (our Primer Minister) is considering banning WhatsApp along with Facetime, iMessage etc.  His reasoning, because it falls under, “methods of communication that cannot be read by the security services even if they have a warrant”.

I kinda see where he is coming from, because I guess he is trying to stop the services to try and counteract acts of terrorism which I guess makes sense.  But has David, and his ministers thought about this:

In the UK, according to the British Deaf Association, there is 156,000 people living in the UK who consider British Sign Language to be…

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