Computer Says No By Rosie Malezer

The Tree House.

Rosie Conan Rosie Malezer

I am a Deaf Australian Aboriginal living in Finland (I am now also a Finnish citizen). On 23.11.2014, I lost my hearing – LITERALLY overnight. I woke up, could hear nothing. My husband spoke and I saw his mouth move, but I heard nothing. I could not hear my cats, the wind blowing outside, the television, my telephone, my alarm to wake me. Not a thing, except for a ringing in my ears. My left ear has louder higher pitched ringing than right ear. Over the past five months, I have been passed back and forth from specialist to specialist, doing many tests (some quite painful) to try and determine what is going on. The Audiologist at TAYS (Tampere Hospital in Finland) advised in November that a Cochlear Implant would not only help me to hear again, but would also remove the ringing in my ears. At all…

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