To Scotland Yard and the media regarding Lamara Bell

In a break from my usual posts about my new books and Deaf/blind issues, I want to take a quick moment to talk about Lamara Bell and a car accident that happened last week.  Lamara and her boyfriend John were involved in a severe car accident on Scottish roads.  The accident was called in to emergency services but nobody came to help them.  Lamara was trapped under her dead boyfriend’s body for three days.

Firstly, my condolences to John’s family.  Losing a son is devastating.  I know this personally, having lost my son almost 20 years ago.  The pain never leaves you.  My heart goes out to you all.

Secondly, Lamara survived the accident, but as she was not assisted for three days due to police negligence, she is now fighting for her life as her organs are trying to shut down from dehydration.  But with her family keeping close watch and with the world praying for Lamara Bell, she uses every bit of strength to fight and come back from the tragedy.

Scotland Yard have issued this statement in their efforts to apologise and claim that one of their operators “forgot” to input the incident into the computer when the call came in.  This is supposed to make Lamara and her family feel better.  It does not.  Nor does it make anybody else feel better.  It does not help to shift blame.  Lamara and John should be at home with their families or recovering well in hospital.  Due to their non-action, one person is dead and the other clings to life.


As Lamara’s family take turns visiting her at the hospital while also looking after her babies at home, the media and press are on a feeding frenzy, shoving cameras and microphones into the faces of her family.  I have never in my life been more ashamed of any profession than I am with the media right now.

Lamara’s family are struggling with what has happened.  They are mourning Lamara’s boyfriend.  They are trying their best to gather strength and are giving all of the strength they have to Lamara while at the same time needing to shoo the media away like the pesky flies that they are.  If the media truly want to help, leave this family alone.  Let them be there for their sister/daughter and her children.  Please show some compassion.


To Lamara Bell, I pray for you to come back to your family who are waiting for you.  I send you every bit of strength that I have and I ask that you take that strength and fight.  You are loved by so many.  Please get well soon.

– Rosie xx


One thought on “To Scotland Yard and the media regarding Lamara Bell

  1. Ossie, Martin and family: my deepest sympathies to you on the passing of your beautiful angel Lamara this morning. May the media now leave you alone to grieve and may Scotland Yard feel your pain and more. She fought hard but now she is at peace and watches over you. All my love and strength to you xx


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