RSPCA in UK told me to SOD OFF when I offered a regular donation from book sales

I just contacted RSPCA UK and asked who I could speak to about setting up regular donations from the sale of my newly released CATHOOD book.
Their answer (in exact words) was: SOD OFF

When I asked why any legitimate charity would turn away regular money donated to them, their answer: GOODBYE

OH, RSPCA UK – You rude and arrogant fools. I pray for the animals in your care.

Having previously worked as a Veterinary Nurse at RSPCA Australia and KKY in Finland – both animal rescue organisations – I know that this sort of rudeness is not the norm.RSPCA UK will not be receiving a single cent of the funds raised from the sale of CATHOOD.

READERS:  If you know of an animal shelter charity in your country that would be happy to benefit from regular donations from the sale of a book (it MUST be a “no-kill” shelter), please let me know about it so that I can contact them to donate.

As an animal lover, a former Veterinary Nurse, and somebody who has been owned by cats for most of my life, I hope and pray that other animal shelters will not be so rude and arrogant when offered funds to care for the animals that they are supposed to be helping.


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