Australian Aboriginals – the sad reality of today

Due to the extremely high suicide rate of Australian Aboriginals (both adult and children), this advertisement is currently airing in Australia. I think it should not be limited to just within the walls of one country. The world needs to know what is happening.
When I was a young Blackfella, growing up in Cribb Island in Australia, everybody knew everybody. We were all mates, regardless of our skin colour. We could also safely play outdoors without our parents being worried that somebody would do something to us that would leave them broken.

Black Australians – the Original Australians – love their Country (there are hundreds of Countries within what you now see as Australia). I am from Gubbi Gubbi Country. My mob (my people) are a tribe that people now see on a map as The Sunshine Coast.

The Australian government of today, led by Tony Abbott – a man who is not eligible for the job as Prime Minister as he holds dual nationality – has proudly taken our Sacred Sites, land covered in rock drawings and art that dates back over 60,000 years – and has evicted all Australian Aboriginals, cutting off their water supply, ensuring no health care is permitted, until the people of that Country have died. He then lines his pockets with millions of dollars from those who have made billions from our land, digging for coal. He also has undone everything that previous governments have tried to do to protect our land, or even our planet.

His latest venture, to remove wind farms (because wind turbines – in his opinion – are “ugly”), and to remove solar energy from Australia (because solar panels – in his opinion – will make the Sun explode and we will all die).

The biggest threat to Australia right now is not Islamic State. The biggest threat is Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his tribe of brainless zombies. Tony Abbott – in MY opinion and in the opinions of most of my people – is one of the biggest terrorists to walk the Earth today.

Australia’s Aboriginals have already been through too much. If you meet one of us on the street, see one of us on a train or see us walk into a store… smile and say G’day. Be kind. All we want to do is exist peacefully on our land.

Thanks for reading xx


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