All Deaf drivers should carry one of these

As many know, I live in Finland – a country where the police must be proficient in four languages before graduating from the police academy:

  1. Finnish (spoken)
  2. Swedish (spoken)
  3. English (spoken)
  4. FinSL (signed)
As a DEAF driver in Finland, I always carry the following card with me at all times when I ride my motorbike, since ambulance officers and paramedics and hospital staff quite often do not speak English or know sign language.  It is also good if I am in an accident and attending emergency personnel need urgent information from me when I am unconscious.  Both cards are laminated together, back to back.
No matter where you live in the world, I recommend that you carry this type of card with you always.  That way, there need never be an excuse from others that there was a miscommunication of any kind.  Feel free to copy the image above and modify it to your own language, with your own information, so that you can communicate with emergency personnel at all times.

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