CATHOOD leads to Muffin and Milly’s adventures!

With the success of my first book, I ended up penning two children’s books.

You have already read about CATHOOD, and yesterday I finally published the follow-up book, called MUFFIN & MILLY’S BIG FAT TALES (Volume 1).


Cathood is written in the first person, through the eyes of a cat called Muffin who was adopted by a Deaf human called Tarja.  He learns her special way of communicating with her hands instead of her voice, and tells of the good and the bad of owning a human.  Milly enters the story towards the end of the book.

cat cover final

Muffin and Milly are indoor pets, however they get to see many different types of animals through their glass windows.  Many are bugs or spiders, but they also see squirrels, foxes, birds and a multitude of other animals.  When the cats are together, they lay down, close their eyes and join their daydreams together, having adventures that are not only fun, but are very educational to children.

Let your child’s imagination (or even your own) take hold, and join in Muffin and Milly’s adventures!  I hope you all enjoy the ride 🙂

– Rosie xx

ps: Muffin & Milly’s Big Fat Tales (Volume 2) will be available in early 2016.


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